Because (even) I can

When people – usually folk of my own generation – ask me why on earth I am starting a blog, my standard answer is: because I can.

Do you get it?

Right! Not quite, perhaps? Then let’s turn briefly to Machiavelli. The end justifies the means and so on. Now reverse the theory. In this case, the means justify the end.

One of the major reasons for getting involved with wordpress is in order to keep in touch with modern systems of communicating. I just do not want to wake up one day and have to ask myself where the rest of the world has moved on to while I have been nodding off in our small Bavarian village.

At the risk of never ever receiving a comment or even a read, I have at least battled through “dashboard” and co. in a lengthy battle of trial and error and can now admire the result. In my learning by doing exercise, the learning was really all that matters.

What becomes of the blog is really unimportant.  I have simply proved that almost anyone can set up his or her blog. Even me. 🙂


About allystrat

Passionate traveller, photographer and cook and blogger :-)
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2 Responses to Because (even) I can

  1. Mike Joyce says:

    Keep blogging Allyson. I’ll have a look now and then. best wishes. Mike

  2. Bev says:

    Me too Ally. I can’t believe that I left it so late to browse through your blogs! x x

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